Credit: Marsha Peacock Photography


Hey you! Thanks for swinging by to check out my work. I am guessing if you've made it to my about page you probably want to know who the heck I am and why on earth you'd want to hire me to capture some pretty special events in that life of yours!

Well let me tell you a little about what you will love about me....

I am pretty much a mother freakin' sorcerer at getting people to relax during their session, to let things just flow naturally and for eveyone to have fun!

Or maybe you will love that I lay out any and all options available to make your wedding or session the best experience possible. From timeline crunching to save your budget a few dollars, or to simply scheduling a lifestyle session around your kids naps or meals (no one likes an over-tired, hangry toddler!).

What else.... well I tuly am honored, even after 7 years of this business, anytime I am hired to document someone's life. It is a pretty cool feeling to have someone invite you into their life, and let you capture their emotions, raw and genuine, as they unfold naturally through the connections with those loved ones surrounding them.

Now for a few 'warnings'.... we are not without our flaws right?

I will probably say 'just one more' about a kajillion times.

I will likely 'almost' fall over or off something at least once during our shoot, but how else do you get those wicked angles if you aren't climbing atop something precarious.

I am a horrible navigator, even though I like to think I am pretty great at it. So don't let me guide you anywhere!

And of course, who am I when I am not photographing YOU....

Well I am a mama who would do anything for my three amazing kids, a loyal wife who is my husbands biggest fan, a creative with too many ideas and not enough time, and I like to think I am a pretty great let's get in touch and you can be the judge of that!