Megan + Cole :: Engagement

Megan + Cole

We got to do this twice, yep, two engagement sessions and each one was equally amazing!

Our first meet up was during their wedding consult where we popped out to the local (and oddly cool) Battle River Trestle for a mini e-session. They brought the country style and even two stepped in a field of wild flowers. It was magic, and so we booked the date and planned for their full engagement shoot.

On a late summer evening I drove out to meet Megan and Cole at the most perfect setting, their acreage, full of so many enchanting spaces, and their favorite animals. There is nothing more fitting for an engagment, or any session for that matter, than doing it at the family home.

We spent the evening with their many horses and dogs, sharing a moment with Megans pooch who has lived a long life, racing each other on their horses (we won’t share who won), and just relishing in their beautiful country life they have such a passion and love for, and of course the love they share between them.

I am beyond excited to get to witness their wedding vows, in that same gorgeous yard, surrounding by their favorite people and animals!

Now enjoy some sneaks of the future husband and wife!

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