Well this is YOUR day! The day you two will join together, don some rings, maybe take the others name and from now on will forever get asked 'when you are going to have kids?"....

But let's just focus on this one day...the start of your pretty cool lives as married people and I just LOVE getting to spend the day capturing these first moments!

On a day as important as your WEDDING!!!! is incredibly important to actually like who is behind that camera all day, so that is why all of my packages include an engagement shoot! Plus a consult before you even book so you can decide if we are a good fit!

Let's connect! And chat about your wedding over coffee (or my fogs!)

Packages starting at $2600


In a long time from now, when your memories are weak and your legs weaker, a little person, your grandchild, is going to crawl up on your lap and say "grandma, can you show me my mom when she was my age?". That frail version of yourself is going to pull out some albums (that is if you actually printed your photos...tsk tsk) and sit with that tiny imitation of your own child and relive the fond memories of the days gone by.

Now that I know you are thinking of how gawd damn fast time goes, and how those little feet that pitter patter are soon going to be dragging themselves out of bed annoyingly slow for school.... and then shortly there after, will be leaving the nest and venturing out on a path of their own. Seriosuly I know, shut up already am I right?! If we don't talk about it maybe it won't happen, but IT DOES!

So let's freeze these crazy times, with toys everywhere, blurry whisps of unkempt hair whipping by you as they play with their siblings, let's document life as it is....and don't worry we fake the pretty give to your grandma ones! Book now before those 3 months become 6 and then a year!



I know what 95% of you are all thinking, and it is "no f'ing way someone is photographing THAT!" 

Well that is cool, that is your opinion but for the other 5% let me tell you a little bit about birth photography. This is a moment that seems like the longest day(s) of your life, but give it a month and details start to slip away especially as that little bundle of joy starts making new memories in your brain. You start thinking about how birth wasn't that bad, right? Well if you ever need a reminder, good or bad, you will now have photos of remind you to take that pill on time....JUST KIDDING!

Ok all kidding aside, these are days of my life where I just love my life. I love having the ability to capture the struggles of labor in a meaningful and stunning way. Of course the end result is always worth it, but the journey to it can be equally as beautiful.

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These aren't your average glamour shots ladies...actually they are a far cry from the glamour shots of decades past! These are sessions catered to you, your personality will shine through as well as a few other assets....wink wink!

At the end of the day you are going to look amazing and feel even better, with self confidence beaming! It starts with professional hair and make up, a gorgeous location and fully guided session of posing and laughter along the way! Outfits can be anything from a beautiful dress, jeans and a comfy t-shirt, to lingerie or is completely up to you how much or little you show!

It is 100% normal to feel nervous but by the end you will have the confidence to be pulling off some natural poses all on your own!

Everyone says this is the perfect gift for your partner, but it is absolutely the perfect gift for yourself! So book it for YOU, because you deserve to feel sexy and CONFIDENT and when you need a reminder there is no better way than to see it right in front of you!

Sessions starting at $600